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Shenzhen BEEPLUS Technology Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Coworking spaces | Shenzhen

BEEPLUS is committed to becoming the leader of the new office ecology.It is positioned as a one-stop solution expert for office space design, construction, procurement, and management and mainly provides one-stop solutions from design to space-management for enterprises and government customers.

Commercial enterprise space customization: customized office space products for large and medium-sized enterprises; Customization of government affairs space: customized government affairs service space products for the government and industrial park operators; Customization of public space: customized public space products based on office ecology provided by the government, real estate developers and industrial park operators; Industrial space customization: customized Industrial space products for governments, real estate developers, and investment institutions, and for existing properties; providing integrated services from design, construction, operation to investment attraction.

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Business Consulting | China, Spain, UK, Colombia

CW is a professional advisory firm offering a wide array of client-focus, tailored services including audit and other assurance, tax, corporate secretarial, business process outsourcing and other business advisory services in the Greater China region. CW’s global reach spans across different countries with branches and representative offices strategically located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai in mainland China, Barcelona in Spain, London in the UK and Bogotá in Colombia. CW has teams of multinational, culturally adept and experienced multilingual professionals who are dedicated to serving clients.

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Robotics Masters

Robotics & AI | Shenzhen

AI and Automation are changing the world. Accelerate, Build and Create for an Autonomous World. Enable everyone to be skilled in Robotics and AI.

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Startup Salad

Corporate innovation | Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai

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Trouble Maker

Maker space | Shenzhen

"Hardware is Hard" is a common saying in product development industry. And this is true. But it doesn't have to be as hard as many people want you to believe. Most engineering companies like you to believe that you cannot do this on your own and that you need their help to succeed. And if you have the budget to hire a team of specialists, it is surely a good way to realize your vision. There are, however, ways to educate yourself so that you exactly know· what you need to prepare before you take the next steps· and which options you have in terms of project management It is very important to get clarity on these topics early in your project, because the success of it largely depends on the quality of your preparations. And, if you have learned these things once and have implemented the results in the way you work, then every project you work on from now on has a higher chance of success. Trouble Maker trains entrepreneurs both offline and online on how to stay in full control of their project when working with a remote team and with suppliers and manufacturers in China.

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