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Founded by two striving entrepreneurs from Switzerland, THINKR is on it’s mission to bring new interesting business opportunities and startups to the world. We are creating a hub for humans that want more out of life. THINKR is one big ecosystem around software and entrepreneurship. Our goal is to establish an environment where working is fun and new lucrative businesses are made. An environment to develop, design and revolutionize.Our employees work side by side with new ambitious startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and an international community. We strive to offer the best work space for our employees to fulfill theirselves.

What we do



Our passion is to develop new software and apps with interesting business models and make them big.



This is our place where we are free and can elaborate our visions that are on our mind. We're a unique global business network that enables new opportunities.


Our Vision

A new approach

Building the Companyof tomorrow.

We are not a Company, but a working Community.We don't manage, we lead.We are not an employer, we offer a portfolio of work.We don't have a fixed Office, we work everywhere with WiFi.

We don’t have Clients.

1900 > The Execution Era2000 > The Service Era2020 > The User Era We strongly believe in our way of doing business by providing user-based software and applications to the global market.

We don’t have Investors.

- no depts- organic growth- scalable bussines models- accept failure- no egos / no bullshit

Florian Wahl


Leonardo Moretti


Florian Wahl


Leonardo Moretti


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